Steve Perry was co-opted to BGPC in May 2005, and was Chairman 2009 & 10 He scraped through in the 2011 PC Elections by 16 votes.  He stood as a TMBC Cllr in 2015 and beat his fellow Conservative by 2 votes.

We are all different people, with differing opinions, but Steve Perry seems intent on causing harm to Borough Green, following a recent  tradition pioneered by Sue Murray and Barry Hughes, thankfully now out of power (almost)

VILLAGE HALL Before he was co-opted he attended a Village Hall AGM where he attempted to get the Drop-in Youth Centre and the Rock & Roll Club shutdown because "he was distr=urbed by loud music, despite there being a dozen houses nearer who were not affected.

BOROUGH GREEN BYPASS Dec 2005 Steve Perry and Barry Hughes tried to persuade BGPC to go against the Bypass [extract minutes] , and the arranged a [letter] to KCC opposing the Bypass  . They were caught, and at a packed public meeting were forced to issue a retraction.

SKATEPARK In Dec 2005, having failed to provide Insurance for the park, SP ordered it closed and the equipment removed. An emergency meeting of the Skatepark Cttee removed him as Project Manager

BOUNDARY REVISION Nov 2007 Steve Perry proposed that the Borough Green Parish Boundary be moved north to the line of the M26, and all the enclosed land be removed from Greenbelt AONB - now Borough Green Garden City has been proposed we know why. Minutes December 2007

  1. Parish Boundary There was some discussion as to whether T&MBC should be asked to consider altering the northern boundary to the line of the M26. Agreed no further action at present but this may beconsidered at some time in the future.

DROP-IN CENTRE Steve Perry attempted to persuade the Village Hall Cttee to evict the youth club, and to persuade KCC Youth to take it over [proof]

ISLES QUARRY & HAZELBOURNE SP was Chairman 2009 - 2011 and consistently refused to investigate the malfeasance of the previous Chair, Sue Murray, and blocked all efforts to challenge TMBC Planning Department


TIM'S  J5 SLIPS CAMPAIGN  SP has tweeted that he was the Founder of J5 Slips Campaign [more] And some unbelieeeevable tweets  [read copies] [more] 

J5 WEBSITE SP did set up the first free website, then tried to sell it to Tim for £1000. We set up a new site immediately and told him to take a hike.


2014 EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL SP's Flowershop "Botanicals" in Seal folded, leaving their employee unpaid. Despite Employment Tribunal Judgements , SP refuses to pay the £2000, and threatened Legal Action when the victim started a Standards Complaint



Steve Perry voted in favour of the 41 houses on the A-Z Site, and voted in favour of TMBC allowing Fernham Homes to renege on their promise to supply 16 Affordable Homes.


 Despite the huge petition against Sainsbury taking over the Henry Simminds, Steve Perry and Sue Murray strongly supported it, even attacking the existing shops for their delivery methods

HANSON 10 HOUSES  Steve Perry led the Conservative attack against Borough Green at Area 2 Planning, where permission was refused for 10 houses at  the Hanson Office, which would have given us Isles Quarry East as public amenity land,  the land for expansion to the surgery, and significant flood relief.


Borough Green PC 3rd July 2017 - Is this the final straw?

 1. Cllr Wlodarczyk proposed a vote of no-confidence in Cllr Perry and called upon him to resign from BGPC as he had brought the council into disrepute. Seconded by Cllr Taylor. Voting was 7 in favour, 1 against (Cllr Perry). RESOLVED. Cllr Perry indicated that he would not resign.

 2.In view of the above vote, Chairman proposed that Cllr Perry be removed as a BGPC representative on outside bodies. Seconded by Cllr Wlodarczyk. Voting was 7 in favour, 1 against (Cllr Perry).RESOLVED.

Due to Confidentiality issues we cannot give you any more information. Cllr Perry's Response.  ANALYSIS