At a TMBC Standards Hearing Monday & Tuesday Cllrs Rayner, Betts and Taylor were cleared of the charge of "Bringing their Councils into disrepute".

It was decided that the evidence of the financial irregularities in the School accounts presented to the Panel were so strong, that the Councillors were clearly carrying out their elected duties to hold the school accountable for the significant funds missing from the 3G Pitch Bank Account. Despite a ruling by the Monitoring Officer Adrian Stanfield that "school finances were not to be discussed", the Panel decided that whilst investigating those financial irregularities was outside their remit, the mitigating circumstances were so strong that the existence of the irregularities had to be part of the evidence.

TMBC had already announced that there was no "criminal behaviour" by the School, but the Panel accepted that the standards required by Local Authorities for the accounting of Public Funds were far higher than those required by a business like a school.

Whilst it was accepted that "on the balance of probability" Cllr Taylor had not deliberately blocked the Head Teacher's car, he should have offered to move it when the Headmaster told him he was blocked. (However, it is clear from the photo left, that if  the van was blocking the car, and hasn't been moved, where is the car?) DECISION   SANCTIONS  Cllr Taylor has today lodged a Formal Complaint against TMBC Legal Department for adding into my Standards History a non-existent complaint. (see final para Sanctions)

But then, no-one ever expected TMBC to exonerate me completely. I will be lodging a Feedom of Information Request into the tens of thousands of pounds of our money yet again wasted by TMBC and Adrian Stanfield's pathetic vendetta.HEARING EVIDENCE