Oct 14 Update - Opinions, Standards & Contamination


I received this email from T&M's Solicitor,   Adrian Stanfield2  , he seems so worried that he has taken Counsel's Advice to try and prove T&M are obeying the rules. Ever suspicious, I have asked to see what question Adrian asked to get such a biased answer....  Adrian Stanfield 's original email without highlighting). Adrian has slightly misquoted the Opinion in his email to Members, andhe has wasted £1625 of OUR money obtaining a flawed Opinion, which requires T&MBC to do SOME monitoring to ensure planning conditions are adhered to! 

 These are Adrian Stanfield's Instructions  , and this is the Counsel's Opinion  received . Note final sentences of para 16 !!

I recently received a CD from TMBC containing Crest's Contamination Validation Report  by GEI. I was worried, before, but even more so now, and responded with this email  . TMBC are now taking our concerns seriously, and have an imminent  meeting with Crest.

After many traumatic months dragging information out of T&MBC and Crest, we finally have categoric proof that Crest failed to sample contamination comprehensively, and refuse to provide information as to where that contaminated material has gone. They have moved several hundred tonnes off site to landfill, but that was identified as inert, and there is no evidence that was the contaminated material.

My personal belief is that the contamination has been buried on site, and I do not know if that can be deemed as safe - we have been assured repeatedly over many years by TMBC that contamination will be dealt with appropriately, and despite all our efforts they have failed us. I pray I am wrong, but will hold the Planning Department directly responsible for this, and will be seeking to have action taken against them and Crest Nicholson unless matters are addressed forthwith This is my  report  to T&M and the EA,  GEI's Response   and  my analysis of GEI 's response (basically threats and drivel)


When I was summoned to appear before T&MBC's CEO Julie Beilby and Adrian Stanfield who accused of "lack of respect" ( report  T&M Notes of Meeting  ), they declined to report me to the Standards Committee. If I have abused Officers, it is only right that the rules are obeyed, so I have  reported myself . I am now awaiting an Independent Investigation, due 24th October. That meeting took 3.5 hours, all recorded, and I was allowed to re-state the history. I accept that some of the things I have said to T&M over the years, taken on their own, are probably actionable, but when heard in context with the 7 years of "irregularities" and "economies of truth", they are understandable.


Big meeting with Crest and T&M recently, My report was agreed by both, but my impression was one of being deflected away from answers. report


In a most interesting development, I received this letter " from Eric Pickles office, that seems to support our view that T&MBC should be doing more to keep us informed about IQW. Completely unconnected, of course,