TMBC have been saving up three complaints, presumably in the misguided belief that publicising them just before the election will somehow discredit me. I think they are wrong, I have received these complaints because I stand up to these people on your behalf, and I believe that is why I get regularly elected. The parking complaint is October 2014, IQ goes back to events in November 2013 onward, but the Hughes Planning complaint is recent. It is a fundamental tenet of British Justice that the accused gets to face their accuser across the Court. But TMBC do not subscribe to British Justice, so Lindsay Pearson, Brian Gates and Kirstie Parr were not produced as witnesses to back their accusations, nor Barry Hughes required to stand up for his complaint. And some wonder why I call TMBC Corrupt!

I appreciate there is an awful lot of bumph below, so I have produced a quick snapshot on this link snapshot link

COMPLAINT ONE - PARKING This complaint resulted from a form letter I gave to Residents to put on the windscreens of commuter cars selfishly parked in our streets. This issue generates more complaints than any other, and I do not think the letter is inappropriate. It is clear that many residents are angry about commuter parking, but are not comfortable approaching offenders themselves, so a letter from "someone in Authority" allows them to act withour risking the abuse and occasional violence that these people resort to in defense of their "right to park where they please" I also have this  RESIDENT SUPPORT LETTER sent to the Monitoring Officer, but curiously omitted from the Complaint Document. STOP PRESS - COMPLAINT DROPPED !!

COMPLAINT TWO - Isles Quarry For years I have been involved in tackling the "irregularities" that run right through the whole of TMBC's handling of the Isles Quarry process, which I believe to have been deeply flawed, and probably illegal. The sheer frustration of being lied to and misled over years would make a saint angry, never mind this grumpy old truck driver. Whilst some of my comments might well not be acceptable in polite society, I believe they were entirely appropriate in this instance. MY RESPONSE

Substance of Complaint - 1. Treating Planning Officer's with disrespect - respect is earned, not a right

                                     2. Bringing TMBC into disrepute - TMBC's own action bought it into disrepute, I am just reporting the facts

                                     3. Bullying Planning Officers - Bullying is abuse of power - as you all know, these Officers have absolute power over our lives.


COMPLAINT THREE - PLANNING  We all know the planning system is particularly open to abuse - guidelines are so fluffy that its easy to "nudge" an application across the line. So anyone who is, or has been, part of the system, needs to be particularly careful that they are beyond scrupulously clean, because even reasonable people will assume undue influence. I advised the Planning Inspectorate that when a single complaint by an ex Leader of TMBC resulted in the refusal of a planning permission for a non-controversial extension, a "reasonable person might suspect Undue Influence". That ex TMBC Cllr lodged a complaint.


THREAT EMAIL It is funny how when we ask TMBC solicitors for advice, they say "we are paid by TMBC, and cannot give you advice". But they are quite happy to offer advice as veiled threats.

In reality, the Standards Complaints don't give me a moments lack of sleep - they are effectively toothless, despite the cost of running them - I'll be frank, one word from a voter or resident will have far more effect on me that all the pages above - I am acting in your best interests as well as I know how, and if that upsets the powers that be - tough !!!

( Curiously enough, despite the threat, and the refusal to redact the forms to make them publishable, yesterday two redacted forms turned up - so it wasn't just a threat, it was an empty threat)