In 2007 the Celcon Factory application failed, and with it went the last hope of funding for the Borough Green & Platt Bypass. BG-TAG decided that day to waste no further time pursuing the Bypass, and started the  J5-Slips  campaign, which in the following years went from strength to strength, in particular because it had support from ALL the local Parishes.

Shortly after this Paul Carter courageously attended a Public Meeting in Borough Green and pledged to fund a new Planning Application for the Bypass, but we have been continuously pressing for that money to be spent here in the villages for traffic measures, and drafted the 9 Point Plan of traffic wishes.

In the past few years as a result of a continuous campaign, particularly by one resident (Well Done Jo) , Michael Heath at Kent Highways commissioned a Speed Survey  with horrendous results. The national average speed above 30mph limits is 34mph, in BG  and Platt it is just under 40mph.

KCC have commissioned Amey to produce a detailed Traffic Report and Draft Solutions

This draft report for consultation, has lead to the  much delayed first phase beginning March 2017 with the shared footway between Griggs Way and Minters Orchard [plan], which with a narrowed carriageway and no centre line, should cause drivers to slow because they have no perspective of how wide the road is. Phase 2 beginning in June will see crossings at the Rec and the Coop changed to traffic light control, and the 30mph speed limits at Askew Bridge and Darkhill extended..