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More Employment opportunities lost, more houses to swamp our overwhelmed infrastructure, more  traffic, more pollution. What really makes me angry about the loss of A-Z is that T&MBC's own Local Development Framework tells us it is "Best Urban, to be protected as an employment site".   [EXCERPTS FROM TMBC LDF EMPLOYMENT LAND REVIEW]

TMBC always told us Isles Quarry could not be undone because "Its in the LDF, approved by the Inspector". How come the LDF reinforces what they want , but they use it to ride roughshod over our needs?

Borough Green Parish Council wrote a strong submission, purely on the planning issues [ PC Submission]  - totally ignored, this  [Officer's Report]  tells what the Planners wanted, and the sheep on the planning committee agreed without a murmur!

Mrs Pearson, the founder of AZ, was an extremely philanthropic employer, and left the factory as part of her bequest to the AZ Employees Trust, she would turn in her grave if she knew what greed was being perpetrated in her name.


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