Isles Quarry Construction Timeline   TM/11/01191 & TM/13/023583

DECEMBER 2003 - March 2005 Hanson Plan circulated to BGPC in Part 2, leading in February 2005 to a public exhibition of the 2005 Parish Plan with no mention of Isles Quarry. Subsequently supportive IQW Housing  Action Points inserted, and secretly lodged with T&MBC LDF Evidence base without formal scrutiny at PC meeting and so never adopted: declared invalid by New PC 2010. Evidence of Forged Plan 

2007 LDF Core Strategy Inquiry - T&M withhold planning history of site from Inspector, who passes Isles Quarry as fit for housing and removes Greenbelt protection. Inspector is unaware that IQW is a 50s unregulated landfill, not a recent regulated inert landfill. TM/94/155 and TM/82/1138 defining Stangate landfill access through new housing area also withheld.

Sept 2007 LDF Adopted Isles Quarry LDF Core Strategy CS04 

2005 - 2011  Multiple complaints to SBE, Local Government Ombudsman, Government Ombudsman, Planning Inspectorate, and Secretary of State against BGPC and T&M Members. Police investigation.

May 2011 T&M Complaints procedure fails to achieve review: T&MBC lies to Members

20 June 2013 Permission granted TM/11/01191 171 Houses, Condition 7 stabilisation and Condition 25 Contamination and Groundwater require new applications for permission to be granted specifically before construction commences . Scott Wilson Geotech Report  (NB: pages 6,11,15, 29 &30,33, 36 & 37, 39, piling & stability 58, 59 & 62)

14 Nov 2013 CONSTRUCTION STARTS Complaints by residents of noise of construction at IQW photos taken showing major excavations and concrete recycling, apx 2-3 weeks work, before Planning Permission granted.

15 Nov 2013 Notified Steve Humphrey and Lindsay Pearson of planning violations and was told major excavations were "species related ecological investigations"


19 Nov 2013 T&MBC refuse to call-in remediation/stability/groundwater application TM/13/02358


21 Nov 2013 Officers issue delegated permission TM/13/02358 by email.


8 Dec 2013  Aerial pictures  showing contaminated material from the north of the site spread across main housing area

27 Jan 2014 Crispin Hanson (Crest) meets BGPC and advises our concerns about HGV movements clearing contamination and replacing with inert unfounded : no HGV movements as remediation to be carried out on site. At no time has any machinery that could be so designated seen on site.

28th FEB 2014 3 months after remediation starts, Scientific Officer makes her first visit [email proof]

5th March 2014 Forced Urgent Item before Area 2 Planning Committee, to demand independent contamination review: failed to obtain second. Motion Lost.

7th March 2014 issued FOIs to Environment Agency and T&MBC Planners

14th March  2014 Received EA responses : they had not had contact with site or planners since September 2013

21st March 2014 Received T&MBC Responses FOI Requests and Responses .

         T&M's Scientific Officer - Contaminated Land first visited the site 28th February, and had to ask directions.

         Planning Officers still trying to establish if developer had adhered to agreed contamination strategy on 28th Feb

8th April 2014 Members Question demanding proper monitoring of Contamination Remediation lodged at full Council meeting : no debate, no vote.

10th July 2014.Crest commence piling through contaminated landfill without complying with Planning Requirement to monitor the River Bourne during operations to ensure contamination does not escape. BGPC reported at 1250.

10th July 2014 Planning Officers require an immediate stop to piling operations. Crest comply with weekly checks, piling commences 21 July

18th Sept 2014 Planners agree Crest are not complying with Contamination Remediation Strategy.BGPC shows evidence that contamination from Area 1 has been buried illegally in Area 3, and demand new borehole sampling

6th Oct 2014 BGPC agree to lodge a formal complaint against Planning Department for failing to monitor Crest adequately and withholding information.

10th Oct 2014 Planners back down, and issue strong email to Crest.

14th Oct 2014 TMBC Chief Executive Julie Beilby has dismissed BGPC's complaint, apparently unaware that Planners have backed down and begun action against Crest. BGPC demands that the complaint is properly assessed, not whitewashed over.

28th Oct 2014 Crest and Circle Russet illegally admit 13 families into new houses before Remediation Validation and Planners sign off.

29th Oct 2014 Area 2 Planning Committee demand Officers act robustly to ensure houses are safe, and to prevent the other 13 houses being occupied.[report] .