Isles Quarry FOI


On 6th March I issued two Freedom of Information requests, one to the Environment Agency, and one to the Planning Department at T&MBC. As a Borough Council member I am entitled to just ask for this information, but took the unusual step of FOI because of ongoing misinformation and misdirection by Planning Officers.

The EA replied by return email, and all the below info arrived Thursday 20th  The same day I received the email below from Lindsay Pearson, followed by promised documentation Saturday morning . The problem is that whilst all this dithering takes place, Crest are rapidly covering possible contamination with new houses, and the stakes get higher by the minute

 (Sentinel Tarmac yard pictures below)

(Environment Agency = EA   Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council = T&M) 

 [EA to URS Aug 2010 1]                                [EA to T&M Jul 2011 2]

[EA to T&M Aug 2011 3]                                [EA to T&M Jun 2012 4]

[EA to T&M Aug 2011 5]                                [EA to T&M Jul 2012 6]

[EA to T&M Feb 2013 7]                                [EA to URS Apr 2013 8]

[EA to URS Aug 2013 9]                                [EA to T&M Sep 2013 10]

[Env Agency meeting with URS Minutes]         [BGPC Chair Submission Sep 2013]

[FOI response Lindsay Pearson T&MBC March 2014] 

  [FOI sample response  documents from Lindsay Pearson T&MBC March 2014]

[BGPC Chair Reply to T&M response docs]

The reason the pictures below are important is that they show the volume of the tarmac that has just "disappeared" . These pictures were taken some years before Hanson illegally dumped spoil from the Hornet access works, probably to prevent URS carrying out the full contamination survey they had planned. The building and the tarmac are on top of the excavations where the first few houses are being built, and this level is some 30ft above the new ground level for the houses: so quite a considerable amount of soil.



Below is the December 2013 Aerial shot, that shows the bulk of the northern excavations completed (top rt) but the "bunded stockpile" of contaminated material allegedly excavated from there has not appeared in the compound (extreme lwr rt) (click pic to change to enlargeable version, and then click again to enlarge). The tarmac that disappeared is not in evidence in the picture, but mysteriously appears in the compound in March

Below is the March 2013 Aerial pic. The bunded stockpile has now appeared in the compound, but even now there is nowhere near the amount of contaminated material there should be.

We have ben asking for weeks about where the tarmac from the northern excavations had gone, controlled waste you know. Then they "remembered" that they had crushed it and used it as "temporary hard standing". So pray, Mr Crest, what is that heap sitting in the compound on Sunday 23rd March? (below) I must admit there is not enough to satisfy the first question.