LIES, how many more ??


Extract from email to me by David Hughes 20 May 2011 after my complaints about T&M, copied to Ian Henderson, Steve Humphrey and Mark Worrall, compare the sentences highlighted in red:


"I have again spoken to both Julie Beliby and Adrian Stanfield who dealt with your Code of Conduct complaint against the local Members.  Both categorically deny they agreed with you that there had been irregularities.  I know these officers to be completely honest and truthful.  Adrian also has a professional responsibility as a Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths to be truthful.  I will not do you the disservice that you are very ready to do others who do not agree with your version of events and merely state your recollection is at fault.

I have again sought Brian Gate's recollection of events at the Examination in Public.  The following is a direct quote from his account:

"I have checked with Jill and Nigel who were both in the public gallery when the alternative site at Ightham was being discussed and when Mike Taylor was giving his evidence and none of us can remember  "a prolonged and robust exchange about the truth of the Parish Plan".

My recollection was that Mike Taylor did speak at length about his opposition to Isles Quarry and he is right that the Inspector was extremely generous to him in letting him stray so widely from his brief which was to do no more than support Mr Hayward's case for developing in Ightham by demonstrating that Isles Quarry was subject to contamination. I do recall eventually politely pointing out to the Inspector that he was straying well beyond his brief. It was after that, that I think she drew a line under things.

If he did mention the Parish Plan, and I am not saying he didn't, then I am sure I would have said no more than we could only work on the basis of the Plan that was sent to us by the Parish Council and have regard to the written representation from the Parish Council which supported the proposal. In my written evidence it is a fact that I only make passing reference to the Parish Plan and the Parish Council's support. It is by no means the main plank of my case. It is obviously debatable whether, if the Parish Council had expressed a different view the Inspector would have come to any other conclusion. She certainly makes no mention of the Village Plan in her report"


Extract from Chronology written by Brian Gates and Steve Humphrey to all Borough Councillors that I wasn’t supposed to see dated June 22 2011

 "Public Examination of Core Strategy commenced. One day was set aside to consider the Borough Green issues.  

Although not a statutory objector, Mr Taylor appeared as a witness supporting the development of one of the alternative sites (Gracelands at Ightham – fresh land in the Green Belt) and was allowed by the Inspector to express his arguments against Isles Quarry West, including challenging the validity of the Borough Green Parish Plan Action Plan."


Bearing in mind that David Hughes was the former Chief Exec of T&M, replaced by Julie Beilby. What really gets up my nose is that he has the gall to accuse ME of memory failure. But apparently an absolute flat out contradiction of what you said before is not lying, its just normal business practice at T&M.

   David Hughes full email    for Brian Gates and Steve Humphry's "Chronology" in full